A passion for gardening


Greetings and welcome to “Rootz in the Garden”! Since this is a brand new blog I will take this first post as an opportunity to tell you a bit about what I hope to do with it. First off, I hope that anyone who checks in here will feel welcome to comment whether it is: […]

Transplanting the Easy Way

Transplanting (5)

I just got done transplanting some plants that had outgrown their pots and I took some pictures to show you. This method of transplanting saves the gardener time and cuts down on “transplant shock” for your plants.   So this is my habanero pepper ready to be moved from a six to a twelve inch […]

Are Your Amaryllis Plants Happy?

Amaryllis I

I’ve grown amaryllis plants two ways…the wrong way and the right way I recommend the latter. For years I kept a single amaryllis bulb alive, barely. It was baffling because I was sure that it was getting everything a plant could want. Finally, desperate, I asked my stepdad (who ran a small nursery) what I […]

Save Money On Gardening Supplies


In today’s post, I want to share a couple of sources that may help you save money. These are not attempts to sell anything. I’m not compensated for any purchases you might make. I just want to pass along what looks like a good deal. The above is a photo from a company that sells […]

Double Digging


Tools needed: Shovel Digging fork Wheelbarrow If you can find an able-bodied person with a strong back and a weak mind, talk them into doing this for a portion of the harvest. Originating in France during the late 1800’s, double digging is a labor intensive method of cultivation that aerates the soil to a greater […]

Ron Finley: A Guerrilla Gardener in South Los Angeles


I was so impressed with this TedTalk video that I am devoting a blog post to it. Guerrilla gardener Finley has the courage to boldly grow where no man has grown before. In the South LA neighborhood where he began his revolution, there were three things you could see everywhere you looked: empty lots, drive-thrus, […]

How to keep your hose from kinking

A kink waiting to happen

What we’re referring to here is, of course, your common garden hose. If you live in some parts of the Southern U.S. (notably Louisiana) or Great Britain you may know it as a hose pipe. Whatever you call it, it performs a specific function. It moves water from a faucet to another location, provided that […]


Stone arch at Goddard College

If you like the idea of having stone retaining walls, raised beds or other garden ornaments you could simply hire a competent stone mason to build them for you. I couldn’t afford to do that so I pestered friends who knew the trade and learned enough to do my own. I don’t break any speed […]